The Letter of M.I.S.A Ex-Yoga Teacher Mihaela Frincu


Dear Members of the International Yoga Federation,

I have attended the yoga courses of the M.I.S.A school for 13 years, and I have also been a teacher of this school between 2003 and 2007, which is why I am a member of this group.I have left this school last year in summer after finding out some very strange things that are happening in this organisation, and I would like to confirm that, to my knowledge, most of the accusations against the M.I.S.A school and its leaders are true.

I will keep my message as short as possible, and I will limit my affirmations to the things that I know that are true and which I have been able to verify.
Regarding the “tantric educational movies”, I would like to specify that I have purchased the Giant Tantra Sex Box in November last year, and this is still available on the market, as you can verify for yourselves by clicking for example the following link, which is only one of the sellers: http://www.topporno .dk/product_ info.php?

This box includes four movies, and I have recognised colleagues of mine and yoga teachers from the M.I.S.A school in all of them, one of them being Mr. Mihai Stoian, who did not use his real name, but the name of Paul Diamond. However, he can be very easily recognised. Two of these movies: Erotic Secrets and Secrets of Seduction,include video-clips that where filmed either during the yoga camps or at some special shakti groups, and they were shown in the school on different occasions to a large number of people. The movie Exaltation of pee was filmed in the yoga camp in Costinesti, and the girls were participants in the Miss Shakti Contest. They were told it was a secret test of this competition and that the only person to watch them was Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru, the leader of the school. How they got and are still on the porno market is perhaps at this moment less relevant. I would only like you to ponder, why a so-called “spiritual teacher” would like his female followers to be filmed performing sexual perversions, as you can see in this movie, be it for private use or not. For me this is impossible to understand.

However, this is not the most serious thing that is happening at the moment. Mr. Bivolaru keeps inviting young and attractive women who are students of the school to have sex with him in order to initiate them as shaktis. As he never uses protection, there are more and more women who report having been infected by him with sexually transmitted diseases. Although he has repeatedly been informed about this situation, he continues to deny and keeps spreading the diseases.
I leave it up to you to decide whether this is a spiritual attitude, and whether you would like to continue to support this organisation.

I am at your disposal for any further questions you might have.


Mihaela Frincu