Romania, UK, Uruguay. Offer regular tantra for women and shakti group courses, workshops, free events online and in person (usually held at Tara in the UK) eg striptease, bellydance, breast growth workshop and various free talks. In 2021 Venus UK held a talk about tantric boyfriends with speakers Ulrik from Denmark and Benedict Newton (formerly Tara, now runs the Slovenian branch Joga Nezirne ). Open to all women with the ultimate aim of funneling them into the organization.

Art Extasia

Art Extasia describes itself as “an international community of united souls and “a multidisciplinary artistic project proposing an objective, conscious approach to art, based on Beauty, Harmony, Love and Sacred Eroticism.”

They have workshops and annual festivals in Lisbon and elsewhere, a theatre in Budapest Everyone who is a member of this group is either already a student of ATMAN/MISA, or is encouraged to become one. Some female residents on their tantra temple programmes are also trafficked to Paris for the initiation, even if they are not yet a member of Atman/Misa schools.

They do nude photoshoots and make pornographic films, some of which are on their website.

They run residential trainings and programmes including tantra massage and erotic art therapy on the outskirts of the city.

They own a theatre in Budapest where they put on performances, events, dance classes and women’s groups.

Lucky Love

Lucky Love is a strip club and massage parlour located in Bucharest staffed entirely by MISA student volunteers.

At The Ecstatic Expansion Dance School in Bucharest, young girls are taught pole dancing by female instructors from MISA.

Quantum Questions

Offers short courses, workshops and retreats. Online, in the Lake District UK, and in Paradise retreat centre Denmark. Higher-end Programmes marketed as having a scientific underpinning, legitimised by former Oxford professors etc, for eg £330/month.