Websites Raising awareness of cult dynamics, psychological abuse & coercive control  Includes free workshops, information on legislation, guidelines for self-help/spiritual seekers and organisations, as well as a ‘pledge’ for self-help/spiritual organisations to sign up to A resource providing numerous and varied testimonies of survivors of high control groups and cults, also has a large resources section with video and other content Expert Steven Hassan’s website with a range of information and resources on undue influence, sexual abuse, thought control, trafficking. A comprehensive resource with publications and online courses, a source of support for those with friends/family who they are concerned about. cult survivor Alice Gryzcn’s resource including helpful definitions, a blog, and counselling info Introducing a system of Coloured Flags to indicate Healthy and Unhealthy Power Dynamics


A little bit culty

TV and movies


The Vow

Cults and Extreme belief

Holy Hell


Recovering from cults and abusive relationships’ – Janja Lalich

Terrror, Love and brainwashing’ – Alexandra Stein

Practice and all in coming‘ – Matthew remski

The body keeps the score by‘ – Bessel van der Kolk

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