Sex Work

“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.”
Aldous Huxley

“The concept was created that it is for those who dare, so tantra for those that get into it also means to go to the edge and that’s what they do in relation to social norms.”

“I think that the point where things were radically changed was the moment when some girls started to do the video chat activities.  And it is not illegal because but from one point of view, a Yogi point of view, it´s immoral because you earn money from the image of the person and also from his sexual activity.”
Mihai, Former lawyer of Bivolaru

They are not informed of the house rules, or the associated debt system, before they arrive at the house. The house rules are not visible, they can’t be written down, but can be read only in the presence of the coordinator. The rules and associated fines for breaking them range from 25 Euros for leaving a plate unwashed, to 50 Euros for not cleaning the toilet properly, to 150 Euros for leaving a light on when you leave a room, to 250 Euros for leaving a tissue in your pocket when they do your laundry.

Adult Website

Around 40 MISA women current work on the adult site doing sex cam Around 40 female students of MISA/ATMAN currently work on the adult site doing sex cam work and taking sex chat phone calls, as well as doing special private sex shows. This operation has been in place since 2015. It appears to be broadcasting from Czech Republic, where MISA has a branch.
The schedule is posted on

Women from the school are recruited to work with sex webcams as karma yoga (volunteering), some of these of women are tantra teachers or have been in the teacher training course. If they arrive at the location in Czech and decide they do not wish to do the cam work, they are told they will have to pay money to stay there. They are told that this work will help them to improve their femininity, let go of the ego and free themselves from their limitations. They are told this is a good way to awaken the state of shakti, or the divine femininity. This is a central concept that ATMAN schools teach from the first year of their shakti (women’s) groups, which all women in the Tantra course can attend. They are taught that exotic dance, striptease and massage are some of the best ways to awaken it.

There is a debt system in the house where the women perform. When they break any house rules, they would get fined a certain amount. In this way, the debt piles up over time and they need to extend their stay in the house to pay off the debt. Some of them have been working on the website for years.

Adult Movies

The school has produced about a dozen of adult movies, where almost all the actors and actresses are teachers and students from ATMAN. The  director of ATMAN, Mihai Ian Stoian (alias Paul Diamond) has, together with his wife Adina Stoian (alias Claire Diamond), a Tantra for Women teacher, starred in some of the movies. Among others are also Maria Porsfelt, the coordinator for the UK branch of ATMAN, Tara Yoga Centre.

When the adult movies became known to the public, the school issued a statement saying that the movies were produced for educational purposes, to demonstrate erotic qualities of Tantra.

The school promotes open relationships and drinking urine from one’s sex partner, and this is a common theme in the movies, which also include anal scenes. It is also known that founder of ATMAN, Gregorian Bivolaru, currently wanted for human trafficking by Interpol, asks the women for urine and anal penetration during the “sex initiation“.

The school has also stated that the production was separated of the school, even though the billing came from the school in Denmark, according to the distribution agency.

Art Extasia is an erotic art project many of whose participants are in the organisation.  They also offer paid retreats including tantric massage and erotic rituals, and have been known to facilitate young female guests going to the sex initiation with Gregorian Bivolaru.

“They are teachers and students from MISA, and teachers and students from Natha. They are in there. And there also are people who produce them, and they are involved in MISA and Natha.”
Kim, Former Natha Denmark Student

“Yes, that’s what they do [sending the bills] over there, in Fredriksberg. It’s from the [Natha Yoga] center over there.”
Barny, BN Distribution Agency
“And I also know, that several girls worked in strip bars in Copenhagen.”
Kim, Former Natha Demmark Student

“So in that moment when I saw, that mister Bivolaru is surrounded by people, who cheat, lie and so on I start wondering, what is, what is wrong here you know? I saw a lot of guys who had nice cars, fancy cars, a lot of commercial activities, a lot of properties you know”
Mihai, Former lawyer of Bivolaru

“What those who sign up don’t know is that female instructors are in MISA. 
Dance schools are a good source of new members, usually young girls.”

Strip clubs

The strip club Lucky Love in the center of Bucharest is owned by MISA/ATMAN, under the company name Noroc Deplin SRL. It offers striptease and massage services. 

Female students and teachers at ATMAN, are encouraged to work as strippers to earn money to support themselves, as most teachers of ATMAN schools are doing volunteering work – karma yoga.

Some female MISA members are also sent to Japan and other countries to work as pole dancers and strippers. The women are usually housed in confined, overcrowded quarters and their movements strictly controlled, defectors say.

MISA also owns a dance school – The Ecstatic Expansion Dance School in Bucharest, where young girls are taught pole dancing by female instructors from MISA. They describes themselves as “A team that loves freedom and encourages you to express your personality through dance”.

Exotic dance courses are taught by ATMAN students in many locations. It is a focus of VENUS WOMEN UK, a satellite organisation of Tara Yoga Centre. All teachers of Venus UK and Venus Romania are students of ATMAN/MISA/Tara. Profits from both these organizations are used to fund Bivolaru and may serve to recruit women into the organization.


The Lucky Love tantra massage parlour is the original model for a series of massage parlours, called ‘temples’, linked to Atman schools all over Europe.
These are often run as cash businesses, paying workers cash in hand and below the legal minimum wage in some countries, often operating out of residential properties. 
In most of these massage parlours the tantric massage given looks more like an exotic massage; the male client is naked, and the female masseuse is wearing a g string. She uses her hands and then body, with oil, to massage the client’s body. There is no genital massage for men.
In the case of female clients, the male/female masseuse uses the above techniques but the massage ends with an external and internal vagina, or yoni, massage. The leader of Atman/MISA, and wanted criminal fugitive, Gregorian Bivolaru, as part of his mandates against those who chose to be vaccinated against COVID 19, instructed all massage parlours to now only massage vaccinated female clients whilst wearing surgical gloves.
There is also the option in some parlours for clients to train in Tantra massage and then pay to give yoni massage to masseuses. 
Many of the ATMAN schools run Tantra massage courses for the public. After completing these courses female students of ATMAN are sometimes recruited to work in the ‘temple’. 

“Grieg said, that especially tantra massage is one of the fastest ways through which a woman can develop. She could burn a lot of karma and she could reach a very high spiritual level by doing that… Yes, that delivered a lot of money. They were glad about it too.”
Celia, Former personal assistant for Mihai Stoian in Natha Denmark
“Because only since they started the massage the money really kept coming in, suddenly it was like highway for spiritual development, and then there ware another team of women put up.”
Karsten, Former Natha Denmark Student

“I think it would be hard to see such a cash flow between one’s hands and then not get anything all the same, or I think they got 1000 [Danish] crowns monthly or something.”
Celia, Former personal assistant for Mihai Stoian in Natha Denmark

Trafficking in persons: The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt or persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs.
United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime

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