22+ years ex-member’s testimonial from Romania

I’m from Romania and until 2024 I was a yoga student in MISA for 22 years and also a yoga teacher for the last 11 years. I was never involved in the dirty activities of the “yoga school”. These things were hidden from us for too many years. We’ve been lied to by our yoga teachers and even by our colleagues who were involved in MISA’s messy businesses.

I think that most of us started this yoga school with pure intentions to learn new things, to practise yoga, to be in connection with God. I have to admit that there were good times at the beginning, we learned a lot and we practised authentic yoga, many of us have built our entire life around the teachings/ideas of the yoga school… until some of us found out that there is another side of this school.

Many people had left the school in recent years in Romania. But there are still students and especially teachers who believe in Grieg in a fanatic way, despite the fact that almost everyone is aware of his bad reputation from the news and almost everyone has discovered a bunch of mistakes/failures done by Grieg. Most of them are good people but when it comes to talking about the ugly side of Grieg or about the dark activities of the school they act like obedient zombies (obedient to Grieg). It’s a bit scary, that even those members who act like rational folks in everyday life become obsessed and irrational when you present to them the ugly facts about Grieg and the school. They don’t want to talk about it, they deny, they lie, they even threaten you and do almost anything to defend Grieg. They automatically would consider you a demonic person if you try to expose them and most of them will hate you for that.

You feel like you can’t do anything to change their beliefs. Even for me it took several years to wake up from this almost hypnotized state, despite the fact that I have found out many errors/failures of Grieg and his system, not to mention the news, articles, facts, documentaries that are presented in the mainstream media and on specialized internet sites like yours.

In the past 2 years I have done a vast amount of research on MISA/ATMAN/Grieg. I have collected many documents, facts, testimonials; I have watched documentaries of other similar movements and cults; I have contacted many colleagues, friends, ex-members to find out the truth and, of course, there was my 22 years of experience in MISA. The result was shocking and scary. I realized that I had to exit as soon as possible even if I had to restart my whole life and lose all my good relationships with them. Trust me, it was not easy at all, but I had to. I don’t want to be a part of this mess anymore, not even indirectly. There would be much more to confess. I could write a whole book about my experiences if I had the motivation for it.

As an ex-insider I can confirm that the facts you presented on your site are highly accurate. I appreciate your work and I hope that this madness created by Grieg (and his servants) will come to an end soon.

/Anonymous male ex-student/teacher