Atman Cult Alert is an informational site with news about the sexual abuse within Atman Yoga Federation.

Since the Atman Yoga Federation is still growing despite the numerous documentaries and testimonials by the survivors, we attribute this to the lack of accessibility of information, especially after the collapse of ExMisa forum, where many abuses were initially revealed. Moreover, even though the forum was a tremendous source and exchange place of information, it was mainly in Romanian, and it was difficult to navigate through the different topics. The organization also has adopted many different names in different countries, making it difficult for unknowing students to find out the connection between the school and the guru.

The aim of this site is therefore to focus on:

  • Testimonials of other evidence of abuse
  • Accessibility of press coverage
  • History and overview of the organization

To follow the newest updates on what’s happening within MISA, you can check https://exmisa.blogspot.com/